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#FakeNewsAmerica NEW ROCK COMEDY SONG Mainstream Media Look At What They're Feedin Ya
Copyright 2018Mona FishmanProduced by Joseph Michaels Special Thanks to Nadir D'Priest Singer Of The Band LONDON Original Rock Song Tribute To Fake News Featuring #VeryFakeNews CNN, MSNBC an...

Welcome to my website and to my songs of protest! It's all for Ron Paul, Rand Paul and now for Trump! 

Check out my new Trump songs!

Available for free downloads on my soundcloud

  I am happy to announce that Dale Bozzio, singer of the band Missing Persons has recorded 7 of my songs of protest, please click on the link on the left that says "Music"  to listen :)   Here's Dale Bozzio singing "Chemtrails The Sky Is Falling"

Check out the  Ron Paul Music about issues such as : the corrupt War on Drugs, Mainstream Media greed, Whistleblowers, 911, Peace In the Middle East,  Ending prohibition against Hemp, Chemtrails, Drones, all of your nwo favorites! It's all available for Free downloads at :



In January 2012 I began writing and recording grass-roots songs about Ron Paul and issues.  I hope you will enjoy the music, there is a variety of styles to choose from.  All of my songs are recorded professionally and performed by and collaborated with some very talented musician friends. I also included some songs from NEW Ron Paul friend's music for you to check ready to dance :) 

All of my songs are all for Ron Paul and now also Rand Paul, and are written and produced by me, and are in NO WAY affiliated with the Ron or Rand Paul campaigns. All of the lyrics are my own ideas, and do not speak for either Dr. Paul .  I am a grassroots supporter.


"Sin In The Game "  performed by Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons :"Obamination"

 "Bald Eagle To A Pig-Randified" A song about Mainstream Media

More Ron Paul music on the Music page    GO RON PAUL!!!!!!