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"THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP New Rock Song For Trump Feat #FakeNews & #PayToPlay
Copyright 2017 Mona Fishman Brand New Rock Song for Donald Trump featuring #CrookedHillary #VeryFakeNews & Russia Enjoy

A link to all 4 of my Trump songs here :

BRAND NEW 2018 #FakeNewsAmerica Song!

Dale Bozzio sings "Chemtrails The Sky Is Falling "

Dale Bozzio sings "Sin In The Game"

Dale Bozzio sings " Motha Nature " against prohibition

Dale Bozzio sings " Bald Eagle To A Pig"

Dale Bozzio sings " Don't Turn The Voices Off" the Whistleblower song


Heroes & Traitors - Whistleblower Song :

"Sin In The Game" a song about 911 :

"It's Only Motha Nature" A song to end prohibition :

"Bald Eagle To A Pig-Randified" A song about Mainstream Media

I Trust Rand Paul ( Deriived from my original "I Trust Ron Paul " ) :

Chemtrails Chemtrails ( Mother F*ckers) X-rated language with apologies but the subject is so frustrating because it's wreck-less and insulting because we are all just trying to do what we can to survive on this planet ....there is also a clean version available below called "Ignorance Is Bliss ":

"Obamination" :

 " I Trust Ron Paul"  

" Peace In The Middle East"  **Disclaimer:  My OWN views and does not speak for Dr. Paul.  Just inspired because of my admiration for him.


Funky - " Aint' No Money In The Cure "


" I <3 Ron Paul "  This one, the music & production are  by Chase Akers & Savannah Harden George Wise Ellison is singing. Lyrics  and project arrangement by me :)


" Spicy Salsa - I Trust Ron Paul" 

" I Trust Ron Paul "

"Ignorance Is Bliss" *Disclaimer- My OWN ideas and do not speak for Dr. Paul, and I do not know if he is aware of the problem.

Hard Rock -  " Aint' No Money In The Cure "

Friend's Ron Paul Music videos ( Not my own )  Just sharing for your enjoyment because they ROCK!!!!!

Andi Hayes - Ron Paul Is A Cool Daddio = Awesome :

Diante Corridone : The Next Revolution  = Excellent :


Here is my friend Dave Casey aka Deadbeatz feat. sHerb  "President Paul" that is so great, I think it will take "Doctor President " as he says...all the way to the White House!! :)